Due to the nature of the company's management structure, which consists of shareholders, directors, and management, the directors and management board are authorized to operate the company. Shareholders are responsible for appointing the board of directors to act in control of the company on their behalf and has the right to make decisions about any significant company changes through the Company's shareholders meeting.

Therefore, regardless of the nature of the company's shareholders, such as majority shareholders, minority shareholders, foreign shareholders or institutional investors, all investors must be treated equally by the company.

Fundamental Rights of Shareholders

The Company has realized the fundamental rights of shareholders whether as an investor or owner of the company. Therefore, the Company’s policy are promote its shareholders to exercise they rights as follows:

  1. Rights to receive adequate information correctly on time.
  2. Rights to attend the shareholders’ meeting to questions, comment, and make decisions when see fit.
  3. Rights to appoint or remove the company’s director.
  4. Rights to appoint and approve remuneration of the auditor.
  5. Rights to receive profit sharing of the company as a dividend payment.
  6. Right to receive share certificate, shares transfer, and equal access the company’s share buy back.
  7. Rights to decide or amend the Company’s objectives, article of association, and memorandum of association.
  8. Other rights as specify by laws, regulations, and article of association of the Company.

The Company respects shareholders rights in accordance with the law and/or the regulations of the company. The Company will treat all shareholders equally whether they are individual shareholders, foreigners, institutional investors or major shareholders, regardless of race, nationality or religion. All shareholders have the right to be treated fairly, both in terms of treatment of minority shareholders and supervision of the use of inside information as follows

  1. The Company encourages shareholders to propose matters to be included in the meeting agenda and nominate people to be elected as directors in accordance with the Company's criteria. The Company also gives opportunities for shareholders to express their opinions and to raise questions to the Board of Directors on matters related to the Company at least 1 month prior to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance to the criteria set by the company which has published information through the website.
  2. The Company will not add additional agenda or change important information without notifying shareholders in advance.
  3. The Board of Directors offer shareholders an opportunity to exercise the right to appoint directors individually or total directors at once as per a total number of nomination directors for such election, and encourage the use of ballot papers for transparency and verifiability.
  4. The Company has policies and guidelines for the use of inside information such as securities trading policy. This is to prevent directors, executives and employees from using inside information for their own or others benefit in a wrong way, especially using any inside information of the Company that has not been disclosed to the public. The company has informed the guidelines and policies for everyone in the organization to follow.
  5. The Board and Management are required to disclose information on interests and related persons to allow the Board to consider the Company's transactions that may have conflicts of interest to make decisions for the benefit of the company as a whole. Directors and Executives who have interests in transactions with the Company must not take part in making decisions on such transactions and should refrain from participating in the meeting with procedures and measures to approve that are related to transactions of the company.