Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Tool

Pelvic floor muscle training tool

Currently, the female population in Thailand experiences stress incontinence, a symptom of a decrease in the performance of the pelvic floor muscles. Caused by weak pelvic floor muscles and too tight. The factors that cause its include injury, pregnancy, childbirth, gaining weight and age; weakened pelvic floor muscle performance results in uncontrollable urinary incontinence, decreased sex drive, and there may be pain while having sex. Preventing a decrease in the performance of the pelvic floor muscles it can be done easily and is effective by exercising the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel Exercise) or vaginal exercises.

Perifit is a medical product used to train Kegel Exercise. The work of Perifit has a modern application through video games on mobile phones to help users enjoy the practice of exercising the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, firm, not sagging to prevent uncontrollable urinary incontinence, also improves sex satisfaction as well. When the training is complete, the system will report the results which help users to develop effective pelvic floor muscle exercise training.

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